Transporting Frozen Embryos Internationally

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Future is already here. The newest technologies ensure our safety, convenience and even the possibility to become parents. ADONIS Fertility International provides the best programs using the latest equipment and technological breakthroughs to make your happiness a real thing.

There is no difference between your country of residence and the country where you store the biological material – ADONIS will help you handle all necessary steps for the successful start of the IVF or Surrogacy program.

For your convenience there are several options for program start:

  • No travel to Ukraine is required. All documents are signed using the Power of Attorney. Biomaterial (sperm, embryos, and/or oocytes, if applicable) is delivered to ADONIS Kyiv with the help of hand-carrying couriers’ services
  • Travel to Ukraine. All documents to begin the program are signed in Ukraine. Required tests and gamete collection is done at ADONIS Kyiv

Pay your attention that every case is specific and individual, more detailed information is provided during the consultation with specialists.

Transporting frozen embryos internationally is a very responsible and complicated process which requires the compliance of multiplicity of details. That’s why one of the most important aspects is to choose the best embryo courier which will ensure safety. Your treatment quality and result depends entirely on the high-quality biomaterial.

There are some crucial aspects you need to point out while choosing the embryo transportation services:

  • Specialized medical equipment – embryo transportation can be carried out only in a highly specialized container with maintaining temperature to ensure the high level quality of biomaterial
  • Avoidance of undue influence – biological material must not be exposed to X-rays, container damages or heating at any point of transportation, since it can lead to degenerative changes of genetic material
  • Appropriate procedure of transporting – the whole process of transportation must be conducted under the control of specialized courier for monitoring the permanent temperature and environment conditions
  • Professional staff with specific training – embryo couriers must be the real professionals with appropriate knowledge (in most cases health workers) to ensure the biological material safety

ADONIS Fertility International provides complete support in the embryo transportation services selection. With the relevant knowledge your coordinator helps you in every point of the transportation and program passage. The whole delivery process is conducted from the door of the laboratory (no matter what country) to the door of ADONIS fertility clinic in Ukraine.

An International Department of ADONIS Medical Group, located in the USA, is your coordination center for your support and convenience.

Cost of transporting frozen embryos

The cost rate varies and depends on the transportation service you choose, the country you live and the country you store the biomaterial.

The average cost also includes additional charge customs fee and depends on the arrangement between the shipping clinic and shipping companies. The shipping internationally can cost a 1 000$ or more in accordance with different aspects. For more detailed information, please contact your coordinator.

The most precious samples require the best service and transportation. Choose only professionals to deliver your biomaterial to Ukraine. ADONIS will provide the high level programs for future parents!