The Internet Knows What I Don’t Know

A friend of mine was taking a statistics class in her sophomore year and she asked me for help with her homework since she was having trouble. She thinks I know about everything related to math since I was able to help her with one class in the past, and now she always asks me for help. I looked at her homework, and didn’t understand any of it, so I told her that she would be better off getting statistics homework help from an online source. I had heard about a website that was good for getting statistics homework done and told my friend how to access it.

The website helped my friend a lot. She was able to complete her homework and understood statistics better. In order to thank me for pointing her in the right direction, she wanted to treat me to dinner and a movie. There was a new horror movie about an alligator in a flood that I wanted to see, but I everyone I knew was either too busy to go to the movies at the time, or was too scared to go. This was the perfect chance for me to see the movie and get a good meal out of it. My friend was a bit reluctant to see the movie because she doesn’t like horror movies that much, but she was willing to go if that’s what I wanted.

During the movie, my friend was so scared that she was grabbing my arm the entire time. Every time a loud noise would play through the speakers in the theater, she would flinch or jump in her seat. I love those scary moments, and they keeps me coming back to the theaters. My friend was so scared that I could hear her muttering statistics information to distract herself from what was on the screen. After the movie, we went to a seafood restaurant and had a big tray of crab legs.