Surrogacy service of worldwide level

Surrogacy as the way of overcoming fertility problems is getting more popular. Well-prepared course of actions, qualificative specialists and safety for every client – these are not just words with ADONIS Fertility International. 

Medical tourism is a really affordable procedure now, that’s why we always welcome to have clients from the whole world, here in Ukraine. 

ADONIS Fertility International advantages for your Surrogacy treatment: 

  • Full cycle operation 

ADONIS Surrogacy clinics provide the treatment of the all-round care and full cycle controlled treatment operation. On the basis of our clinics you can take advantage of the ADONIS’ own laboratory, own Surrogate base, own Legal Department, own Maternity Hospitals, and own cryo-bank. All possible service for your total safety and comfort, ADONIS specialists control every step of the program in-house. 

  • The best Surrogate mother selection 

Several rigorous steps of the selection process guarantees the best gestational carrier for your future baby. Every wish of the intended parents is counted in matters of personal preferences (except in cases of individual incompatibility, which is prescribed by your personal doctor in ADONIS).

  • Renowned team of specialist 

ADONIS team consists of top reproductive endocrinologists, fertility and other specialists with at least 12 years of experience. The level of their achievements is really outstanding, which is confirmed by the results of numerous happy clients. Your safety and qualified treatment control is ensured. 

  • Complete suite of Legal support

ADONIS’ own Legal department with the best professionals of the law sphere provide the full support during the whole process of treatment until you get home with the baby. Your parenting rights are stable and established together with all immigration procedures. All the paperwork and documentation regulations are handled for you without any delay.  

Your great success of International Surrogacy depends on many factors, which are carefully provided for you in ADONIS!

In the list of worldwide Surrogacy agencies ADONIS holds an honored position due to the best ratio of quality, Programs’ affordability, all-round care and additional non-medical support. You will experience the best treatment of the newest technologies, which are approved by the world medical society and meet all norms of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. 

ADONIS statistic speak for itself:

  • 23 years of medical experience 
  • 11 000+ babies delivered healthy and safely
  • 32 countries served by our services 
  • 925 skilled employee work for your well-being

There are no borders for quality treatment, especially if it is ADONIS Surrogacy infertility treatment. Every client is important for us, so no matter from which country you are – our professional staff will do their utmost to reach the best therapy results and change your life with a happy outcome. 

ADONIS Surrogacy is only happy moments and quality treatment. Choose the most suitable option for you and come to Ukraine to start parental life with a healthy baby!