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Advantages of Open Adoption

Over the years adoption is becoming a common situation that is being practiced by many families as there are different kinds of adoptions that are practiced as open adoption gives the biological parents, adoptive parents and adopted children the chance to interact in different modes. It is critical to state that the parties involved can be at a better position to have benefits well enjoyed that the adoption can offer as the families can have some openness shared as the open adoption is conducted. As the open adoption is done, there can be peace of mind created to the birth parents as whereabouts of the children can be well understood by the birth parents as the adoptive family interacts with the birth parents. As the birth parents understand the whereabouts of the child and are a position to interact with the child, the birth parents can be at a position to be a part of the child’s future as the parents have some control on the process. In order for the birth parents to have the peace of mind, the adoptive parents can be in touch with the birth parents as there scheduled visits done and photos sent to the birth parents.

By the open adoption being available, the adopted children can be at a better position to understand the background of the biological parents hence removing the need for the children to look for the birth parents. With the adopted children having the birth parents available, the children can be offered the chance to ask the questions that the children may be having concerning the roots of the birth parents’ family and identity that the children can be having. The children can be able to understand the adoption story that took place by having the birth parents in interaction with the adoptive parents hence giving the chance for questions to be answered.

It is important to state that the adoptive parents can be at a better position to have the child’s history well understood on the specific information that is required from medical history to the birth parents characteristics as the adoptive parents engage in interaction with the birth parents of the child. With the research done, it is crucial to state that the sense of preparation that the adoptive parents can be having can be better as both the adoptive and birth parents meet before the adoption is done as the parents can interact hence having more understanding on the child’s family history. In summary, more parents can be for the idea of having the adoption done as the birth parents can be granted the level of contact with the child as the open adoption plan is becoming more popular.

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