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Important Google Analytics Metrics

The use of Google analytics metrics have overly gained popularity over the years as it helps determine either the success or the failure of a homepage. There is need for thorough acknowledgement of all Google analytics metrics available where one eyes the success of their website. There are persons out there without a single clue about these analytics metrics. Perusing through the information highlighted below enables you learn more about Google analytics metrics to mull over.

Bounce rate is the first analytics metric to acquire or mull over. Basically, this metric avails fundamental information about visitors who click into your website webpage and leave immediately without checking any other webpage at all. In other words, bounce rate analytics metric helps define the number of single page sessions or visitors. You need to consider bounce rate in order to discern whether people find information availed in your website relevant or helpful. The higher the single page sessions the more discontented the visitors are.

The second metric that you must consider is exit pages. Generally, this analytics metric helps define all the webpages opened by people in your website before they ultimately leave. Thus, you can use the analysis to determine the webpage that failed to deliver tremendously to the visitors. The higher the scores recorded for a webpage the more the modifications required.

Average session duration is the third Google metric to consider. This metric helps outline the average time that visitors take in your website. It also avails relevant information about the summative number of visitors who enjoy using this website. Where your website visitor lacks satisfaction, they won’t spend much time whatsoever. Additionally, this Google analytics metric helps determine whether people are reading the content you have availed especially the long form ones with thousands of words. For instance, if visitors spend two minutes in webpage and that webpage has content of 5000 words, then you are assured they aren’t reading. As a result, you will be able to identify areas that need adjustments.

Lastly, you need to use the average page load time metric which determines whether people spend a lot of time waiting. Website visitors get frustrated fast with pages loading slowly. This ultimately helps you identify the average time visitors wait for the site to load. Any time that is beyond 1 second demands website modification.

There are other Google analytics metrics out there but the above four are the most fundamental especially for newbies. In order for you to make changes, you must have irrefutable information about things demanding change. Thus, ensure to use these Google metrics fundamentally as a way of determining where changes are necessitated hence improving the overall experience of the visitors.