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Plastic material that has been reinforce by the use of fiberglass is usually known as fiberglass. The fiberglass material can be produced using a number of ways. The fibres of glass could be arranged in a random manner, made into a flat sheet or interwoven the same way like for a fabric.

In comparison to fibres of carbon, fiberglass is usually not expensive and is also better in terms of flexibility. This material also has the advantage of being more robust as compared to many metallic materials. In addition, fiberglass also has the advantageous property of being able to be molded into complicated shapes. There are a vast number of applications for the fiberglass material. Some of the areas where this material is applied is in aircrafts, surfboards, water vessels, cars and many more.

The production of the fiberglass material dates to centuries back in time. The discovery was, however, accidental and it occurred when someone passed compressed air over molten glass which became fibers of glass. They then used the application of passing of compressed air over molten glass streams so as to come up with wools of glass.

Initially, the fiberglass material was rather glass wool that had fibres which trapped in gas and was used as an insulator against high temperatures. The introduction of plastic resin to the wools of glass did away with the initial entrapped gas. The glass wool was reduced in insulation properties and added strength I’m its structure through the integration with the plastic resin.

The fiberglass material is usually made by putting a number of different materials in a large furnace until they melt.Thre manufacturing of this strong material usually involves the smelting of various components by putting them in large furnaces. Afterwards, a process of extrusion is done to the molten materials. The next process is usually to coat the resulting material with a chemical substance. These rovings can be applied as they are or they can also be applied in the manufacture of other materials.

There is a material that can be produced from the manufactured rovings. The chopped strand mat is usually a type of strengthened material for fiberglass. Fibers of glass laid together and bound by the means of a binder usually result into the chopped stranded mat. The production of the chopped stranded mat is usually done using technique known as hand lay up.

The applications of the fiberglass material are vast and distinct. One of the uses of the fiberglass is in the manufacturing of storage tanks. Chemicals are usually stored in the storage tanks that are made of fiberglass. The resin found in fiberglass is highly resistant to corrosive chemicals hence making it a suitable material.

The other application is usually in house building. The fiberglass material is applied to a number of house components such as laminates on roof, doors, windows, chimneys and many more. There are many uses of the fiberglass in the current world.

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