Increase Productivity with the Right Field Service App

Businesses that offer field services, such as repairs, off-site projects, consulting services, emergency response, and several others, have several aspects of service delivery to manage. Scheduling a mobile workforce, for example, takes time and talent to make sure technicians and professionals spend more time providing services than traveling to get to locations. Aligning parts, labor costs, and subcontractors to invoices can be a challenge. Those with high call volumes may not be as productive as expected or desired.


Productivity all comes down to how systems and processes are managed. Work orders need to be filled based on the order they were placed and the seriousness of the issue. One requested three days ago for maintenance will be placed behind one that came in today for repair of a burst pipe. If mobile technicians are not scheduled based on location to the work site, productivity suffers. This is also true of inventory, contract, quoting, and projects management.

The Problem

Streamlining management processes can be difficult when working with so many aspects of service delivery and accounting. Information often has to be taken from one system and entered into another. There is no connection between inventory and work orders, for example, so parts may not be available to complete jobs. This leads to delays, a decrease in customer satisfaction, and lower productivity.

What is Needed

The solution lies in a platform that includes the right field service app, or a collection of applications, that will suit the needs and operational preferences of the business. A platform that requires completely changing existing systems will not fit the needs. Instead the business will have to change to suit the platform, which makes no sense. Streamlining processes and integrating with current systems is the way to increase productivity

Other Benefits

The platform includes applications that can be on-site or accessed in the cloud, depending one what works best for the specific business. Applications can be selected individually by owners, or they can select packaged solutions offered to ensure a high return on the technology investment. Go online to schedule a demonstration of the platform. Compare it to current processes and determine if productivity will increase before making any decisions.