Basic Concept of Web Design


To become a professional web developer is not easy because you have to integrate the web programming language with the artistic value contained in each web page. Both must be owned, if only one of them cannot be called a professional web developer. As a beginner web developer, there is no need to be discouraged if you want to become a professional web developer. The most important thing is the willingness to continue learning and learning again so that insight into web development continues to grow. There are several things that beginner web developers need to know when they first want to build a web from scratch. In order for the web to be made to appear professional, it is necessary to understand some basic concepts in web processing, starting from the tools used, the appropriate image format, to the selection of text colors and the background of a web page. Here are some aspects that need to be considered in creating a website:


Can Be Used (Usability)

Usability is very important in web design. It is very good to have a dynamic website that looks professional and good as LinkHelpers Scottsdale Website Design & SEO has to offer, but if it takes a very long time to download an artistic or the use of navigation is very complicated then it’s no wonder the user will “leave” from the website You and will not come back again. Keep in mind, generally users (users) want to get information quickly even though the website display is normal. If it’s too long when searching for information, users will immediately close the webpage. Remember, don’t sacrifice usability aspects in designing websites.



Navigation is also a very important thing in a website that serves to help users (users) to explore our website to find the desired information easily. Good navigation reflects the structure of a very good website.


Concept of Writing

Writing techniques in the web are different from writing for publication (print). Time is very important for those who use the Internet, so that Internet users will not waste their time just to read very many texts.



Simplicity is important in creating a professional web. Simple here is not in the sense of the appearance of a site, but rather leads to the writing technique.


Easy to Access (Accessibility)

One thing that is easily accessible to everyone by ignoring browsers, platforms, operating systems, connecting or breaking up is a very important thing to consider when designing a website. After a website is easily accessible, making use of your website will be widely accessed by users / visitors. Easy to use = Visitors will return. Difficult to use = Visitors will be “cured”.



Graph elements are very necessary in a website, because they have several functions. But if you use too many graphics, your website may cause various problems. so be careful when choosing what graphics will be included on your website.