ADONIS qualitative help on a global level

ADONIS International Fertility is the clinic for your best reproductive health and successful procreation. 

The new generation approach for treating fertility problems is provided in the medical facilities of ADONIS Kyiv, Ukraine. 

ADONIS worldwide extension

We in ADONIS believe that qualitative medical treatment must be affordable for everyone who needs it. The transparency of the processes and well-developed informational support help us to ensure the best services even overseas.

Adonis Fertility International LLC is the North American Headquarters of the ADONIS Medical Group which is the best assistant for our patients from the USA or Canada. 

Even though the whole infertility treatment processes are carried out in ADONIS Kyiv, Ukraine, you can have all possible information for the Program start in the beautiful Colorado Springs, the USA. 

Our experienced coordinators are always ready to meet you here. 

The main aspects you need to know about ADONIS clinics:

  • Outstanding team of specialists 

ADONIS experienced staff include top reproductive, fertility, endocrinology and other specialists with a period of 12-25 years. Our caring personnel ensure all-round support for your best staying.

  • The best equipped laboratories

ADONIS medical facilities include the latest technological achievements and medical innovations. We use worldwide proven techniques for your fertility health.

  • High success rates 

ADONIS infertility treatment success rates speak for themselves. Reviews from the thousands of happy clients are the main value for us, because it shows the effectiveness of our dedicated work.

  • Qualitative Donors and Surrogates base

ADONIS provides its own Donor and Surrogate base which pass through several steps of examinations, approval and clearance. You can always use this option to ensure your safe and effective treatment. 

  • Well-developed cost structure 

ADONIS ensures no hidden costs and payments, every Program is well calculated for your total confidence. Our prices are really the lowest ones. 

  • Legal support 

ADONIS ‘own Legal Department is your qualitative legal help during the whole process. Notary services, Agreements compile, rights safeguards – we guarantee your safety on the legal level.

The ADONIS is not just an agency which sells the services, ADONIS is the renowned fertility clinic of the global level. Every step of the Infertility treatment is carried out and controlled by ADONIS best specialists which are always in cooperation with colleagues. 

ADONIS is the clinic which provides the full cycle treatment with all needed services in-house (examination, treatment process, prenatal care, delivery process). 

Choose your treatment direction and right Program during the first personal consultation with the specialist of the field. We review all information about the patient to be sure of the safety – case history, examination tests, personal indications, individual intolerance, requirements and wishes.

Your individually adapted treatment is ensured in ADONIS Fertility International. Come to have your best treatment and begin the new life without problems!