Surrogacy for the Clients from the Whole World

Ukraine Surrogacy Cost: Reasonable Money for Happiness of a Couple |

Surrogacy services are available in the whole world, the important aspect for the intended parents is to find the most qualitative variant which ensures the winning combination of price, quality and the best level of care. ADONIS Fertility International is your perfect choice which includes the most common requests of the clients. 

International Surrogacy Legality 

Surrogacy peculiarities and difficulties can vary according to the country. The whole facilities and treatment process of ADONIS Fertility International are carried out in Ukraine. The main advantage of the ADONIS Ukraine Surrogacy is the stability of the laws connected with assisted reproductive technology, years of successful cooperation with the Ukrainian Government and ensured rights for the intended parents with paternal rights assurance.

The important facts you need to know about ADONIS Commercial Surrogacy in Ukraine:

  • Intended parents receive the unrestricted custody of the child with guarantee parental rights from the very beginning of the Surrogacy Program (from the moment of conception)
  • Intended parents are identified in the birth certificate without additional doubts 
  • Egg/sperm donor or Surrogate mother/Gestational carrier can not be considered as the legal parents of the child (especially in case of Surrogacy with donation of oocytes or sperm use)
  • Judicial adoption process is not required at the legal level
  • Surrogacy process is provided only for heterosexual, married couples

The strict Ukrainian legislation is well-regulated in the matter of the intended parents’ safety and Surrogacy process control. 

Surrogacy map is really widespread and available for the clients from the whole world, because ADONIS ensures the quality infertility treatment for everyone.

Local coordination on the ground 

ADONIS Fertility International LLC is the USA Headquarter of the ADONIS Medical Group of Companies. We are the biggest and the most effective private medical operation in Ukraine with the worldwide level of quality. For the convenience of our clients from the USA and Canada, the modern Department was created in the heart of Colorado Springs. 

Surrogacy laws by state map can be difficult for understanding, but with ADONIS help you will be totally aware without additional problems.

The list of the services are provided by your personal coordinator:

  • Informational support in matters of the ADONIS Infertility treatment and its tiniest nuances 
  • Qualified selection of the proper ADONIS Infertility Program according to your personal requests
  • Professional help for the Program start 
  • Individual coordination throughout the whole process of the treatment 
  • Translation services 
  • 24/7 support and help 

Begin your new life in the place where it is convenient for you – in ADONIS Fertility International. Come to Ukraine to experience the new technological treatment and overcome Infertility problems with ADONIS Surrogate Programs. Only high qualification and total safety for all parties – the Surrogate mother and Intended parents with the future baby.