Rely on Reputation, What If Google Owl Will Make You Don’t Need SEO?

Google is known to be diligent in updating its search algorithm. This search algorithm makes sites can be ranked in the search results. Well, ways to rank well on Google search pages and other search engines have given birth to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) methods.

Unfortunately, this method often cheats Google’s ranking results. For that, Google continues to improve. Google often updates its algorithms to avoid cheating and make search results more relevant.

This time, Google announced a new curation method, ‘Google Owl’. Owl allows Google search engine users to report certain sites. This report will then affect the search results and predictions of Google search results that are considered not in accordance with expectations, smelling SARA or hatred. According to Google, naming the Owl is associated as a symbol of wisdom.

How does Owl work?

Owl will provide direct access to users to complain a content in the search results. At the bottom of the search box, Google gives a “report bad prediction” button. This can be done by users who are offended by Google search predictions.

Meanwhile, Google also released a snippet or input box from the search results. This box makes sure the content that Google offers matches what you are looking for. Auto-suggestion in the Google search field is also improved. If Google’s automatic recommendations are considered misleading, users can report them

Not only focusing on netizen input, Google will also prioritize “authoritative” sites. A good and clear review is a predicate that a site must have. They will be preferred to appear in the top row of Google search results. Although it’s possible that their visitor traffic isn’t as popular as other sites. That is, Google Owl will change the way Google is ranked, according to Searchengineland.

Conversely, Google can easily downgrade a well-known site if their content is junk, offensive to SARA and hateful even though the site is popular. For this feature, Google not only relies on algorithms, but also employs people to help with analysis.

Well, the results of this hypothesis will affect your site’s ranking in Google’s ranking results on its search page. Maybe if your site gets a good review, then the grade of your site can go up without doing a lot of SEO work. Traffic will also go up by itself as readers arrive.

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Changes to the site ranking method in the presence of this Owl can be a breath of fresh air or disaster for site managers. This happened to a site called Panda. In a change in search algorithm by Google before, this site had a sudden decline in grade so they lost readers and dollars.

Owl Prevents Hoax and SARA Content

In addition to influencing the site ranking, Owl is also useful for eliminating hoax content, hate speech, and SARA in Google search results. Because this content has caused anxiety among Internet users. In America, the government has also met with a number of technology company representatives such as Facebook and Twitter to discuss how they eradicate negative content on their services.

The company based in Mountain View has long been criticized for its search results and search predictions that often show negative content. For example, when users search for the “Holocaust” (Nazi genocide project against Jewish groups), Google’s search results are instead focused on pro-Nazi sites, Fortune reported. Although, in fact the prediction or search results appear because of the algorithm.

 Do Owl would be Good?

Well, Owl will not make an impact quickly and perfectly. But at least there will be a few changes and improvements that are attempted by Google in order to suppress negative content. Report forms can help. They clearly allow users to feel they can have a way to tell Google if something bad is happening. If this system works, the quality of the search will also change. But of course, this won’t solve everything and Google knows that but at least they tried.