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Integration testing

Integration testing involves assembling several modules and performing regression tests to test the interaction and the necessary functionality. Unlike unit testing, which developers conduct using white-box methods, integration testing is performed by another testing group and usually using black box or gray box methods.

Therefore, there are convincing arguments in favor of performing complex tests in the cloud. Local execution of all tests can be a tedious and time-consuming task, especially for complex applications. Deploying an application and testing it in the cloud can save significant time and resources on the local development system. As the coverage of testing increases, the differences between the SDK and the real cloud computing environment provided by the PaaS provider become more visible. In particular, if an application has a complex workflow, then local testing can cover only part of the actual workflow and data.

An additional advantage of cloud computing is the speed at which innovation can reach the user. In a highly integrated continuous deployment environment, a feature or patch can go through all the SDLC stages in less than a day. Therefore, it is possible to quickly and often deploy new production versions, even several times a day.

Continuous Integration (CI) allows the implementation of a continuous quality control process, in which very little effort is often applied. It helps to improve the quality of software and reduce the time of delivery, replacing the traditional practice of quality control after the completion of the entire development.

Regular assembly (every night) is easy to perform if the process is automated. This will help the service http://testmatick.com/ The system must allow the assembly of one group; for example, build tools such as make exist for many years. In the CI environment, other, younger tools are often used, such as Apache Ant, Apache Maven, MSBuild, or IBM Rational Build Forge. Automation of assembly should cover deployment in an environment close to production.

In many cases, the build script not only collects binary files, but also creates documentation, Web pages, statistics and distribution. Ideally, the assembly is also, at least in part, self-testable.

Popular CI tools, testing and release make it easy for developers to make changes to the project, and users - to get fresh assemblies. Such tools include CruiseControl and Hudson, as well as commercial tools such as IBM Rational Team Concert and Microsoft Team Foundation Server.

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