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QM Technologies is a reputed IT solutions provider, which has been in business for several years now. Our area of expertise includes various segments of the industry and we keep on extending our services to more industries on an ongoing basis.


We provide you with the best benefits related to the solutions as mentioned below:


Banking and Financial
Get secure, robust and customized banking and financial solutions as per your requirements. QM Technologies offers wide range of banking and financial services...


Our expertise will assist you to the core in getting reliable solutions related to medical sector. We ensure that you get the best healthcare updates when available...


Lower your financial risks and increase your market value with various insurance solutions we offer you. We cover general insurance, vehicle insurance and personal insurance for your needs...


Manufacturing and Procurement
We provide you with valuable guidance in order to carry crucial tasks such as Manufacturing and Procurement so that better ROI can be obtained in a short period of time.


Travel and Communications
We provide feasible travel and communication solutions based on your regular requirements...


Media and Entertainment
Providing more channels and editing available media are some of the valuable solutions we offer you when Media and Entertainment sectors matter the most...


Advanced telecommunications equipment is available to us through which we are able to represent your interests in the best possible manner.

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Our teams of intelligent developers are ready to serve you, get your app idea into real app. we have flexible hiring models, select the one which meet your budget. We assure you uncompromising quality.
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“Our team helps to convert your business ideas into robust solutions that meet worldwide standards. Our custom solutions are designed   4in a way to meet your requirements and offer seemless integration with your existing business processes.”
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