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QM Technologies offers a complete range of manufacturing solutions that are specially designed with flexibility and configurability for manufacturing business. Our programmers have expertise in building plant level manufacturing solutions that change as per the change in the business opportunities.


Our specialization in developing manufacturing software solutions which includes wide range of systems like production, scrap reporting, scheduling, downtime reporting, warehouse systems, defect tracking, inventory management systems and process control.


Our manufacturing business software helps you to identify the areas where you need to make drastic improvements in eliminating waste in your manufacturing processes and thus make beneficial decisions for the growth of your business. Our systems can be easily integrated with your existing software applications.


Why Used Manufacturing Software?

  • Reduced IT software support
  • Reduced hardware and servers
  • Decreased cost of future innovation
  • Intuitive, configurable system interfaces
  • Customizable open source code
  • Reduction in software training
  • Increase in ability to respond to new opportunities

Our Manufacturing Software Solutions


Stock and Supplies Management Solutions: Our stock and supplies management solutions offer robust functionality that help you gain your goal by providing you with every minute details that are important like lot control, kitting, serial number tracking, item replenishment, item fulfilment and overall stock management. These solutions are accurate, easy-to-use and beneficial that helps you to gain the lead in business.


CRM Solutions: CRM solutions help to improve customer relationships by keeping you informed about their likes and dislikes, behaviour etc. It improves operational efficiency, enhances productivity, enable customer satisfaction and growth strategies.


Workflow Management Systems: This software helps you to manage your workflow efficiently. It enables you to easily track the workflow, increase productivity and ensure compliance and accountability while improving overall efficiency.


Order Management Solutions: This solution enables you to grow your company without any more infrastructure costs as it gives you the best sales tools with the logic to capitalize on the opportunities from extensive price controls, promotions and contracts. It is a solution that keeps your existing backend solutions to print invoices, manage inventory and produce your statements by empowering your sales department.


Why Choose QM Technologies Manufacturing Software Over Others?

  • Our manufacturing control software offers great flexibility to grow as per the changes happening in business
  • Our prices are affordable and we deliver solutions on time
  • Less development time
  • Software as a Service virtually eliminates risks and large expenses associated with a system purchase
  • We offer tailor made solutions that meet your specific business requirements
  • Our solutions are browser based so internet access is instantly available.
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