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QM Technologies offers wide array of banking and financial services including Nostro reconciliation, fund sweep system, retail and loan origination and CRM solutions. All these solutions are specially designed to support large and growing banking organizations.


We have highly qualified and skilled developers who promise to give you solutions which provide certainty in your business, allows your institute to become agile, proactive and highly responsive to the market.


We have a professional approach which includes combination of strong data analytics, risk management and process re-engineering capabilities along with the execution of activities that require process migration tools and methodologies to execute the outsourced business processes flawlessly.


With years of experience and expertise in providing specialized banking software solutions, financial software solutions and internet banking solutions we are an ideal fit for banks and non-banking finance companies who want to expand their services in all areas.


Services We Offer:

  • Banking Software Development
  • Stock Trading Software System
  • Online Trading & Investing Software
  • Customer Service Solutions
  • Customized Collections
  • Finance and Investment Analytics
  • Marketing and Customer Analytics
  • Strategic Cost Management
  • Compliance and Internal Audit

Get Secure Banking & Finance Solutions with QM Technologies:
Our banking and financial markets solutions are also available for rural areas in which the solution empowers all institution’s processes in offline branches and synchronizes them all with the head office.


The need for banking financial software arises because most of the banking institutes opt for technological advancement due to drastic changes in consumer behavior. We provide you with solutions that help you to be in sync with your customer’s behavior and expectations.


Our finance solutions cover the entire financial chain right from the receipt of loans to its disbursement and tracking of transactions. We provide expert banking and financial software solutions because of our in-depth domain knowledge and strong understanding of the banking industry.


We also provide you with custom solutions as per your specific needs. Developers of QM Technologies have unique combination of fine-tuned skills and experience which allows them to effectively deploy tailor made solutions for clients.


Our Banking and Financial Solutions Extend to the following Verticals:

  • Retail banks
  • Credit card companies
  • Mortgage lenders
  • Investment banks/ Hedge funds/Securities dealers etc.
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