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How to choose the right glue?

Do not consider the number of tasks in which adhesives and sealants are involved. And as in any case, it is better to use what is necessary to solve a specific problem.

Before plunging into the sea of ​​proposed options, it is important to formulate the initial task, so that subsequent purchases are conscious and successful.

For this you need to decide on: Place of use (inside or outside the building); The type of material to be worked on; Temperature during installation and during subsequent operation; The degree of mobility and shrinkage of the structure; The issue of the subsequent stain painting; Durability. After that, go directly to the choice of glue.

Adhesive compounds

Adhesives are mixtures (liquid or powder) on a natural or synthetic basis. Natural refers to animals, vegetable and mineral glues, and synthetic - vinyl, acrylic, silicone and polyurethane. Depending on the purpose, glues for parquet, floor, wall and ceiling coverings, as well as special adhesives, are selected.

Parquet glue allows you to attach any kind of parquet to a cement, concrete or wooden base. Such a composition is made on the basis of polyvinyl acetate (PVA), since it is "tightly" that connects the wooden surfaces. There are also latex-based adhesives. They are plastic and do not contain volatile solvents. Manufacturers of adhesive such as Cedesa provide packed items.

The basis of the adhesive for floor coverings are synthetic resins, which make it durable, economical and resistant to temperature fluctuations. Use and formulations on a latex basis.


For wall and ceiling coatings from plastic, ceramics, wood and gypsum boards, glues on cement and latex bases, dispersion compositions and liquid nails are used. Well proven vinyl adhesive, which is applied to vinyl, foamed, fabric and embossed wallpaper. Suitable for velor and glass walls is dispersion glue. But the most famous wallpaper paste - CMC, based on carboxymethylcellulose (hence its name). It is perfectly diluted in water without forming lumps, and is well applied to the surface. Adhesives CMC are for light, medium and heavy wallpaper and differ from each other in the concentration of the main component: the more it is, the greater the glue viscosity and the weight of the wallpaper that can be fastened with it. Speaking of glues used for home repair, one can not ignore the known composition based on the water dispersion of PVA. It glues paper, cardboard, plywood, leather, fabrics and wooden parts. This adhesive can be of several modifications, each designed for specific materials: PVA-M for chipboard, veneer and wood, PVA-P for veneer, plywood, chipboard, fiberboard and wood, and PVA-T not only glues the tree, but also Improves the setting of the cement mortar to which it is added, with the surface.

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