Application Development (iOS, Android)

Application development (iOS, Android)

TRIARE creates modern mobile applications for key platforms – iOS and Android. Our apps for Apple and Android devices include:

  • the shops;
  • business tools;
  • information applications and media applications;
  • corporate mobile services.

There are some our basic principles of application development.

  1. Reliability. Development of a robust application that simplifies user interaction with familiar systems and services. Creation of mobile applications that work flawlessly on one of the mobile operating platforms (Apple iOS, Google Android)/
  2. Easy to use. Creation of an application with a clear interface so that the user does not have any problems when working with it.
  3. Security. All interaction with external resources must be protected so that data does not fall into the hands of intruders
  4. Efficiency. Applications must solve specific user problems.
  5. Standardization and trend following. In mobile development, we always take into account the guidelines of Google and Apple, we follow the latest developments in the mobile application market from leading developers and daring upstarts. Our mission is to provide a high-quality and fresh experience for the users of the applications we develop.
  6. Understanding the concept of two screens. When developing mobile versions of desktop products, we are especially attentive to the design of functionality and interfaces, since in 90% of cases, direct transfer of the functions of the desktop version to a mobile application is a failure.
  7. Measurable progress. We develop a plan for promoting the future application in advance and carefully implement mobile metrics, so that upon launch, the application immediately begins to fulfill its tasks, and the effect of the investment is measured unambiguously and accurately. Everything in order to make the probabilistic process of bringing an application to market manageable.

What we can do

Our capabilities allow us to:

  • create complex adaptive WEB-sites and applications;
  • develop startups and unique projects;
  • set up ads in Google Ads;
  • create and develop ads on social networks;
  • maintain colorful and stylish content
  • introduce the latest software and train to work with them
  • maintain sites, servers and marketing activities on the network.

You can leave a request for the service on the official website of the TRIARE company. Information on services for the creation of mobile applications by the company’s specialists is presented in detail at