Over 500+ customers from startups to large enterprises.
QM Technologies is the largest software development company with a strong workforce of 150 employees and 10+ years in operations.
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Vision & Mission

To create an excellent opportunity for small organizations to compete with big organizations and for big organizations to grow bigger by providing them with:

  • Tools and expertise
  • Better leverage through innovative business solutions
  • Continuous improvement of their operational efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Help in becoming cost-effective in a cost sensitive market, making each one of us globally competitive.


  • To identify organizations which require new or alternative business solutions and services.
  • To design, develop, deploy and sustain Information Technology to their needs
  • To be innovative.
  • To always be cost-effective
  • To utilize the best and latest proven technologies
  • To make quality our hallmark.
  • To make customized software and processes user-friendly, so that they can be used at every level
  • To maintain customer satisfaction as our highest goal
  • To make ourselves and our clients globally competitive
  • To be a reliable, dependable and long lasting IT solutions and services provider
  • To take pride in after sales support
  • To attract talented and committed people, develop an entrepreneurial culture and focus on continuous learning
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Our teams of intelligent developers are ready to serve you, get your app idea into real app. we have flexible hiring models, select the one which meet your budget. We assure you uncompromising quality.
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“Our team helps to convert your business ideas into robust solutions that meet worldwide standards. Our custom solutions are designed   4in a way to meet your requirements and offer seemless integration with your existing business processes.”
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